Awesome Js Tips.(Few of em )

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Hi everyone ,

In this post, I'll walk you through with some awesome javascript features, that are super important in many situations. these are fairly popular but many of us don't use I will give some examples where they come in handy

So Let's get started.

  1. Promise.all()
    Promise.all is a very handy function when you want to make many promises and then resolve them all at once. for example, let's say that you get 10 files from frontend and you need to upload those 10 files to an aws s3 bucket. what you can do is make an array and push all the upload promises to that array. then call Promise.all() function with that promise array as the input parameter. then it will dispatch all the promises at once and after all the promises are fulfilled it will resolve an array of objects with the fulfilled individual promises. gist:RizkyRajitha/721ce1f1e8f6ed0a9f368c3de821a3da keep in mind that this is all of it or none at all. So even if one of the child promises got rejected, we will get the whole thing (parent promise) rejected.

  1. for (let item of array)
    This is also another useful way of iterating through an array.But why we have array.forEach() right. But the thing is you cannot use break statements inside array.forEach() so, let's say after meeting a specific condition your forEach loop needs to stop. But you can't do it in forEach loop. That's where our friend for (let item of array) comes. This does exactly what array.forEach() do, but we get the option to break the forloop anytime we want in any breakpoint. Of course, you can use a regular for loop for this. But this is a pretty clean way to get the job done

So, did i miss anything 👀,You can leave a comment and i'll include your awesome tips in this article.And i will keep this post updated with my findings.

Cheers 🥂 , Have a Nice day.

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