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Posted 5 months


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Hi there Me after a long time

It's been quite some time since I wrote a blog post here, many things have gone deprecated and obsolete so I updated everything to get things back on track.at the time I created this blog gatsby was a v2 and now it is v5, and some packages I used back then are now not maintained at all, so I had to rewrite and update those functionalities. with some effort everything is working great. I also added Cloudflare as DNS, I actually added it previously but removed it again due to a few debugging issues I had that time but this time I decided to keep it.

I originally added comments and view count sections for this blog and it was hosted in heroku, but heroku free tier was canceled by them (acctually quite some time ago), so i need to migrate those applications to some other place.and i am thinking of using a selfhost comments service like remark42. for analytics i use umami which is working great. it has an easy to use UI , plain and simple with many useful features.

Apart from blogs i setup Jellyfin as my home media server. it was SuperDuper useful app, packed with tons of feature and ease of use. All devices that i use had support for jelly which is awesome.

Looking forward to write more blogs but time is the only enemy, which is same for all humans i guess.

Cheers 🥂 , Have a Nice day.

Forged by the Dark Lord Rizky, in the Fires🔥 of Mount Doom 🌋